Weak Economy Puts Vacation Plans At Risk

An increasing inclination among American citizens to change or even cancel their plans on vacation occurs to be a sign showing that stalled employment growth, slowing economy and maybe high prices on gas have a great negative effect on consumer confidence.

The recent survey found that 45 percent of workers who plan to take a vacation during this summer or have already taken it would cancel or reduce their plans in order to save some money in case the economy goes on its volatility and avoid taking additional cash advance loans for having rest. Besides, adults from 18 to 34 occurred to be more likely to reject their plans.

The poll has also presented another conclusion. In some cases people on vacation don’t have real rest. One in five is likely to be available in case something critical comes up at work, while one in eight stated that they are going to do some work during their vacation.

Travel Industry May Be Damaged

The given data shows the real effects of the rapidly weakening economy. Travel industry is one of the largest businesses in the country, thus, cutbacks in consumer travel may cost jobs in this sphere and the increased number of layoffs undermines the travel activity in future.

Work On Vacation

However, some experts also consider another theory. Businesses have been trying to get more out of less number of workers. People are less likely to quit – even though the businesses, being concerned about their profits, place pressure on current employees – as it is so hard to find a job now.

Employees working on through their vacations are considered to be more productive by the employers. Hence, the employer does only better if the employees don’t take vacations at all.